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      Leilani Pavlik

      Hi FTC coaches/teams – Just wondering if we should consider a plan to avoid crashes during autonomous period for the 19/20 season? We have programs to park the robot either near the wall, centered under the bridge, or closer to the middle of the field (all while under the bridge). What is your team doing? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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      Scott Trujillo

      Good idea! I noticed that most teams starting on the loading side just moved along the wall to cross the bridge. Going with that logic maybe this can work:

      Loading Zone Start: Park against wall (within square tile touching the wall)
      Building Zone Start: Park near neutral bridge (within square tile touching the neutral bridge)

      Another good idea I heard mentioned – alliances robots should move in a clockwise motion during both tele-op and autonomous modes. As autonomous modes and tele-op strategies get more complex, this could help be a standard rule to avoid collisions. When retrieving stones from the build zone, go under the neutral bridge, then return clockwise via the skybridge (to get the point).

      Any thoughts?

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      Francois Erasmus

      This is part of the pre-match conversation between the two drive teams on the alliance. It might be advantages to have more than one autonomous program. That way one team can adjust their strategy according to the capabilities of the other team.

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