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      Khloe Kardashian gives her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her opulent pink-tinged birthday party. Khlo Kardashian revealed the intricately designed pink-tinged decorations for her birthday party over the weekend, including snaps of friends and family partying. Amazon to build robot-run warehouse in Sydney creating thousands of jobs. The200,000 square-metre warehouse announced on Tuesday will be fully built by late 2021 at an industrial estate in Oakdale West, in western Sydney. Belgium’s King Leopold II has a 21st century nemesis. He’s 14 years old. Noah, a slight teenager wearing jeans and sneakers, is dwarfed by the bronze statue of Belgium’s King Leopold II astride a horse. The statue, set high on a concrete plinth, has stood opposite the Royal Palace in Brussels since 1926. Three wives and a man whose shirking cost him his marriage have a dust-up. As domestic arguments go, it’s one that’s been raging for decades, and probably with the greatest intensity. Who does, or more importantly doesn’t, shoulder the bulk of the housework? JOHN NAISH Why the UK’s deadliest coronavirus threat is now complacency. JOHN NAISH Leicester has seen a surge of more than 600 cases in just two weeks, and What is considered a good score on Wonderlic Do iPhones last longer than androids confronted with the prospect of an extended lockdown. BET Awards opening was fire. The BET Awards celebrated not only its 20th anniversary, but also the increased focus currently on the Black community and culture Sunday. Find a Vaccine. Next Produce 300 Million Vials of It. Scaling up the manufacturing of syringes and other medical products required to deliver a vaccine to millions of Americans will be just as important as the vaccine itself. SpaceX Launch Highlights From NASA Astronauts Trip to Orbit. Look back at the day when a NASA crew headed to the space station from the United States for the first time since the space shuttles were retired in 2011. Australia Spending Nearly $1 Billion on Cyberdefense as China Tensions Rise. Officials promised to recruit at least 500 cyberspies and build on the countrys offensive capabilities to take the online battle overseas. Jessie Wallace RETURNS to EastEnders after suspension. She sported trendy Chanel sunglasses while having her temperature checked in accordance with social distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic. RUTH SUNDERLAND Time for a VAT cut, Chancellor. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is understood to have cooled on the idea of reducing the levy, and to want to wait and see how consumers respond to the gradual lifting of lockdown. There may not be time to do that. 16 Nominees for South Asian Fiction Award. The DSC literary prize comes with a $50,000 award. NASA Scientist, Detained in Turkey for Years, Returns to U.S. Serkan Golge, an American caught up in increasingly fraught Turkish-U.S. relations, arrived with his family in Washington after nearly four years of imprisonment and house arrest. The Secret to Deep Cleaning. If youve been cooped up at home for 10741 a couple of months, its time to clean house and not in a superficial way. Heres how the pros do it. Try Vertex. Connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture. Lewis Hamilton to race for Mercedes in new all-black car in support of Black Lives Matter. The campaigning six-time world champion was the inspiration between the radical new livery unveiled on Monday by the all-conquering team, who have traditionally raced in silver. TikTok Grandma Who Helped Tank Trump Rally Now Works for Biden. Mary Jo Laupp, who made a viral TikTok video that disrupted a Trump campaign event, plans to create a political hype house to support Joe Biden. China Passes Hong Kong National Security Law. The law, approved in Beijing with speed and secrecy and signed off by Xi Jinping, will tighten the Communist Partys grip on Hong Kong after last years protests. The amateur photographer who wows Instagram with amazing holiday snaps from Majorca to the Maldives. If you weren’t desperate before to fly off to an exotic location for a spot of post-lockdown lolling – you will be after gazing at these breathtaking images taken with a smartphone and drone. For an American Journeyman, a Long-Delayed Honor in Japan. As Nippon Professional Baseball begins its season after a 91-day delay, Zach Neal will be a rare foreign-born starter for the Saitama Seibu Lions. Want to get SUPER-RICH?Well, here’s how NOT to do it – by a superbly witty misery-guts. William Leith’s The Trick represents a bizarre combination of two genres – a get-rich-quick book written by a misery-guts pauper. Forget Tiger King, Kenya offers the real deal and here’s how to see it in Out of Africa style. Roar Africa arranged a five-day Out of Africa tour for Frank Mannion. ‘Robert Redford’s first return trip to Africa was organised by Roar, so Where can I watch the WNBA Who is the strongest person in the WWE was happy to follow in his footsteps,’ writes Frank. Trying to Correct Bankings Racial Imbalance. Entrepreneurs are working on new business models to address income inequality and a resulting lack of access to the financial system for communities of color.<br><br>

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